An Evening with CROW - The Vervet Monkey
8 Jul

An Evening with The Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife – The Vervet Monkey

The Cathkin Conservancy presents an evening with CROW – The Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife. With a spotlight on the Vervet Monkey.

Do you have problems with Vervet Monkeys?

Or do you simply wish to understand them and their place amongst us better?

If so join CROW for an informative evening as they share their knowledge of Vervet Monkeys with us. They will discuss practical and preventative measures to reduce conflict between ourselves and Vervet Monkeys.

Venue: The Nest Hotel
Date and time: Thursday 11 July at 6pm
Cover charge R40 (proceeds go to CROW and the Cathkin Conservancy)
Dinner afterwards: R110

Please RSVP to or telephone 083 8996461