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17 Apr

Upcoming Drakensberg Events

The following is a list of upcoming Winter and Spring Events in the Northern and Central Drakensberg. In addition, other events that will be taking place over the next few months are also indicated. Please note the regular events at the end of this list:

30th -31st August: The Berg Show Winterton Country Club. Joanine 0828564368;
28 – 29th September: Run the Berg. All out Adventures www.runtheberg.co.za;

6th – 7th Sept Endurance Ride. Winterton Country Club. : Sandra Badenhorst 061 549 0735 (cell) or 073 444 0472 (WhatsApp);
21—22nd Sept: Gooderson’s Monks Cowl MTB and Trail run Challenge: dave@wardevents.co.za
26th – 29th Sept: White Mountain Festival. White Mountain Lodge www.c-weed.com
28 – 29th Sept: Run the Berg. All out Adventures www.runtheberg.co.za

4th – 6th Oct: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush Descent www.bergandbush.co.za
8th – 10th Oct: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush Great Midweek www.bergandbush.co.za
12th – 13th: Grindrod Bank Berg and Bush 2 day www.bergandbush.co.za
26th Oct: Collaborative Charity Golf Day, Goodersons Monks Cowl Golf Resort, to support Rural Education. Jennifer: 0837026309

2nd – 3rd Nov: Dumbe Trail Run at Drakensberg Mountain Retreat www.dumbetrailrun.co.za
2nd – 3rd Nov: Trail Warrior 4. At Cayley Lodge www.trailadventure.co.za
2nd Nov: Winterton Street Festival. Ronel 0845678802
15th November: Winterton Pre-Primary School Golf Day at Champagne Sports Resort.
Enquiries: 0364881218
21st Nov – 1st Dec: Drakensberg Extravaganza in Bergville. Sphe 0743519032

6th – 8th Dec: Christmas in The Berg at Drakensberg Boys Choir School www.webtickets.co.za
29th – 31st Dec: Smoking Dragon New Year’s Festival. Amphitheatre Backpackers www.smokingdragon.org

30th Apr- 3 May: Music in the Mountains at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School 0364681012

Regular Events

Every Wednesday during Term time the Drakensberg Boys Choir Wednesday Concerts – Every Wednesday during the school term at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School – Info: 036 468 1012. Ticket Bookings: www.dbchoir.com;
Every Saturday: Winterton park run at 8 am at The Waffle Hut. ww.parkrun.co.za Cannibal’s Cave park run at 8 am at Lizzie’s Store near Royal Natal National Park;
Every Tuesday: 7 am in summer and 8 am in Winter Champagne Valley Walking Club.
Cathkin Trails for Mountain Bikers and Trail Runners:
Remember to pay your way to get your wristband. No Helmet, no ride! Remember to sign the indemnity. For more info, visit our Facebook page. Enjoy the trails.
The Cathbrew Trail Run takes place on the last Friday of each month at 17.00 in summer and 16.30 in winter.
(Source: Ann Gray)

Special thanks to Ann Gray for this list of events.