16 Mar

Some Cathedral Peak Day Hikes

The Drakensberg has the most massive concentration of day walks and longer hikes in South Africa and is also undoubtedly the most popular outdoor pursuit in this region. This edition of the “Berg News” will concentrate on the most popular day walks in the Cathedral Peak area, These hikes are marked on Google maps. Another useful application that can be used is “TrailGuide”, and a useful website is drakensberghikes.com. Autumn is the best time to hike in the Drakensberg.

1. Rainbow Gorge. This trail starts at Cathedral Peak or Didima Camp. This hike is renowned for its lush forest and pools experience. The trail is well marked. The duration of the walk is some 5 hours depending on your starting point. Its grade is moderate.

2. Mushroom Rock. This walk’s length is approximately 6km and 3 hours in total duration. The starting point is the Cathedral Peak Hotel.

3. Doreen Falls. This easy hike starts at Cathedral Peak Hotel. It is 4km in length, and the total duration is some 2 hours.

4. Baboon Rock. The start of this walk is the Cathedral Peak Hotel. It is a moderate hike of some 8km and a total duration of 4 hours.

5. Ribbon Falls. A moderate hike from Cathedral Peak Hotel. A total duration of about 3 hours and 7km. See https://youtu.be/JVX8gVzQkLA .

Ribbon Falls, Cathedral Peak area (Source: James Seymour)
Ribbon Falls, Cathedral Peak area (Source: James Seymour)