29 Aug

July 2018 Newsletter


Tho a friend of mine introduced me to a character called Thoth. It seems his name might have been Soth, but he has a speech impediment, so Thoth it ith. Now it seems Thoth was quite a lad in ancient Egyptian mythology, problem is, my mate truly believes he existed – but strangely, he is not alone. Thoth was the God of the Moon, magic and writing. He was said to be the wisest of the God’s. He is also said to be the author of the Emerald Tablets and was once a priest-king of the lost city of Atlantis.

The Emerald Tablets exist, and are a cryptic piece of Hermetica reputed to contain great secrets of the universe. They were first translated into Latin (as if that would help anyone), followed by numerous translations afterwards. The layers of meanings in the Emerald Tablets have been associated with the Philosophers Stone (remember Harold Potter) and many other weird and wonderful things.

So what has that all to do with The Nest? Very little I guess since tho far Thoth has eluded us, however, we have done something about that. There is going to be a Lunar eclipse on the 27th and 29th July, and at great expense and loss of life, we have arranged for it to be highly visible from The Nest. To cap that, we have an expert on the Heavens, (secularly speaking) who will talk us through it and on my request, shall call upon Thoth to thay a few words as well. That’ll cause a buzz, so watch thith spaceth. I am reminded of my dear departed dad at this juncture who as a practising GP was examining a young girl. With his stethoscope on her chest, he said, ‘Big breaths’, to which she answered, ‘ Yeth, and I’m only thiksteen’. Bless her – family of Thoth’s I shouldn’t wonder!

Winter in the Champagne and Cathkin Valley (Source: James Seymour)

Winter in the Champagne and Cathkin Valley (Source: James Seymour)

The cold of the winter has set in. We measured -2deg C at 7.00am this morning. All fires are going and alcohol is taking precedent over porridge. Why not??!! As always though, the days are truly magnificent and a morning in the Sun is a morning well spent. Remember, (and I have said this before, but just in case you missed it), if you enjoy wasting time, then time is never wasted.

Our ‘Xmas in July’ is almost full so great festivities should be guaranteed. Rather eat your turkey and gammon when its frosty out and you are hungry – who can eat a couple of kilo’s of food when its 38 deg C?!

Till next time. Keep the long johns on and the ‘One –zies’ well zipped.