29 Aug

August 2018 Newsletter


July came and went and by all accounts, was anything but dull. The Admin girls worked their wonders and decorated the dining room fit for any Father Xmas and his red nosed Blesbok. Christmas in July went down a treat and great feasting was had by all.

The 2018 lunar eclipse, from the Nest Hotel

The Lunar Eclipse (Source: The Nest Face Book Site)

If Xmas in July wasn’t enough, the Lunar Eclipse took place and for what I am told, was only visible from the front lawn of The Nest, and, for good measure, was doubly red with a glass or twice of Gluhwein. So with fires to warm the outer cockles burning in their steel bollards, we took to the open spaces wrapped in warm blankets, and with a crystal clear sky, it all happened. Prior to dinner we were treated to a talk on the subject by a ‘not so’ amateur astronomer who told us what the heck we would be looking at. Even Mars was a sight to behold, but no little green men!


Lecture on the Lunar Eclipse at The Nest

Lecture on the Lunar Eclipse at The Nest (Source: The Nest)

August will be a riot (bad word I think) of activity at The Nest. A Bridge clinic followed by a tournament sets us off followed by a Bowls clinic, and a week later, a large wedding will fill our dull and dreary lives. So who needs the quiet life when the bar is well stocked.

Now a thing that got me going is this. The world is going crazy right now with volcano’s erupting, wild fires going ‘tekere’, droughts, floods, heat waves – you name it, but here in the Berg, things are going remarkably according to the natural order of things, so much so, I am reminded of the dulcet tones of Richard Harris singing the lyrics to Camelot, that perfect Eden stashed away somewhere in England.

‘it’s true, it’s true, the crown has made it clear
The Climate must be perfect all the year

The winter is forbidden till December
And exits March the second on the dot
By order, summer lingers through
September in Camelot.

Now the months may apply to the Northern Hemisphere, but the point made applies to us. June/July is fire burning month, but such activity must end on the last day of July for fear of the August winds. Well, the 31 July came, the last fires were burnt and blow me down (no pun intended) on the morning of the 1 August, the wind howled – for that day only, but howl it did. Whaddaya know?!!

Occasionally as an hotelier you are asked a crazy thing or two. One of my best ‘howlers’ was an elderly old dear, about my age, who asked, when arriving in the Dining Room, for a sea facing table. She got a super view of the pool. She was delighted. I refrained from putting on my ‘LIFEGUARD’ ‘T’ shirt and suggestive speedo! Speaking of crazy questions, for a while in my life, I operated a small Safari Company, and, on an occasion, was taking Irish guests through the Addo Elephant National Park. As it happens, about 90% of the Eley ladies have no tusks. This is a genetic aberration, the reason for which are not important here. As we entered the gates we were surrounded by a matriarchal herd. One of my clients asked, “ Conor, I notice a number of animals have no tusks. Are they retractable”? “Ah yes Paddy” I said, “They are on hydraulics ya see!” Bejabbers, I ask ya!!!! If that wasn’t bad enough, later on we came across some hartebeest. “ Those are called Red Hartebeest’, I said. “ Oh” said Paddy, “ And what other colours do ya have?” You couldn’t dream that stuff up!!

View of the winter splendor of the Central Drakensberg from the Nest

View of the winter splendor of the Central Drakensberg from the Nest (Source: The Nest)

Well, if things go according to plan in our own ‘Camelot’, we are heading for our snow season. Winter generally promises clear skies but August and especially September sees the Cape cold fronts bellowing in with snow filled cloud ready to dump on our mountains, so watch this space. Until then, keep warm, keep safe and best wishes from us all at The Nest.

Conor Ward